Super Vapezilla Vaporizer Quick Start Manual

  1. Switch On. (See Illustration 1)
  2. Super Vapezilla Overview
    Vapezilla Overview
    Turning Super Vapezilla On

  3. Hold B1 left * button down while using up and down buttons to Set Temperature (Takes approximately 5-7 min to warm up). (See Illustration 2) The optimal temperature is 356F. However, the correct temperature setting/range varies on the tobacco used and user preference/taste.
  4. Set Temperature

  5. Grind Tobacco. (See Illustration 3)
  6. Grind Tobaccos or Aromatherapy Oils

  7. Load Vapor Whip by inhaling while using the whip as a vacuum. (See Illustration 4)
  8. Loading Vapor Whip

  9. Load maximum of 3mm - 6mm (1/8in - 1/4in) of tobacco.
  10. FIll Vapor Whip 6MM/1/4in

  11. Insert Vapor Whip into Heating Chamber. (See Illustration 6)
    Insert ONLY 99% of Vapor Whip tip into Heating Chamber to avoid getting stuck. (See Illustration 6A)
    If your Vapor Whip gets stuck, remove tubing, lower the temperature, allow the unit to cool down, then turn the unit off. Hold the glass heating chamber steady with one hand to make certain you don't twist it or pull it out. While holding the glass heating chamber in place, pull straight back on the whip while turning whip counterclockwise with your other hand. (Do NOT use twisting motion or parts may become damaged).
  12. Insert Vapor Whip in Heating Chamber

    Insert 97% of Vapor Whip tip into Heating Chamber to avoid getting Whip stuck in the chamber

  13. Inhale deeply with a steady flow (approximately 8-10 secs per inhale).
  14. Repeat until all essential oils are vaporized (approximately 3-5 inhalations per load).
  15. Point Vapor Whip to an empty bottle or trash can and exhale to discard old vaporized tobacco. (If tobacco is stuck due to not discarding tobacco while heated, than reheat tobacco by inserting into heating chamber and inhaling. The heat will cause the tobaccos to loosen up.)
  16. Repeat Steps 4-10 to repeat usage.
  17. Cool down unit to 150-180*F before shutting off power.

  1. To clean Vapor Whip, fill Vapor Whip half full with alcohol and shake for 1 minute and rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  2. Clean the air filters by blowing compressed air on the dirty filters, available in bottle form from your local electronics store.

  1. Do NOT flip unit on its back when on. Unit is made to operate in upright position.
  2. If your Vapor Whip gets stuck, pull straight back. (Do NOT use twisting motion or parts may become damaged.)


PLEASE NOTE: The warranty will no longer be valid if the unit has been tampered with (ie. chassis opened, settings changed, etc.).

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